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    About Us

 The Open Hands Free Pantry is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides supplemental food boxes to families threatened with food insecurities in (but not limited to) Springfield and surrounding areas in Clark County, Ohio. Our services are free to the public and we offer two convenient time frames to serve our community and accommodate alternative work schedules. 


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Twice a week, the collective of volunteers and staff members pack and give out boxes loaded with food and personal hygiene essentials to residents struggling with food and financial insecurities. Additionally, Open Hands Free Pantry gives every client a five-dollar coupon voucher in collaboration with the two Goodwill thrift store locations in Springfield. The organization makes available the basic necessities to nourish strong minds and maintain personal hygiene for healthy bodies.


Based on your income & family size, you may qualify for food assistance!

clients must bring an Id

To register on site 

To protect our clients, volunteers, and staff, please wear a mask before entering the building. Thank you.

Enter through the front door for registration screening with Associate.

Show ID

During the screening, each client will be asked the following questions:



  1. Are there seniors ages 60 and up in your household? How many?

  2. Do you have adults 18-59 living in your household? how many?

  3. Do you have children 0-17 living in your household?How many?

  4. Are you between the  ages 18-59?

  5. If yes...

    1. Do you have children 0-17 living in your household?

    2. How many?

  6. Do you have other adults (18-59) living in your household?

    1. How many​


Verify your income on computer screen and sign off that you qualify for the free food, using the federal guidelines provided 

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